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3 Things to Know When Starting Home Health at Constellation

You or a loved one has been referred to starting home health as a critical step in your care plan. What now? What will happen in the coming days and weeks? 

Constellation’s team of skilled, compassionate caregivers customizes care to serve individual needs. You or a loved one may be in need of our home health services due to an injury or chronic illness. Either way, you are in capable hands as Constellation ranks in the top 5% of home health providers nationwide by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  

1. Care That Comes to You

Your home health team works with the hospital or the skilled nursing facility to coordinate what is needed when you are released from the hospital. Home health care complements the care provided at other settings such as hospitals or skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and works to create a seamless transition home. A Nurse Case Manager will perform your initial visit and coordinate with your physicians to tailor your care plan and to ensure you stay comfortable at home. They will provide you a thorough workup and explain the specific services you will receive, and who will be on your team.

Constellation’s home health care offerings include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Speech, physical, and occupational therapists
  • Medical social work
  • Home health aides and in-home assistance
  • Remote patient monitoring & virtual communications (as needed)

Your home health care team and community physician will work hand-in-hand to make sure you understand your medical condition and what to expect, and you are provided with the education and support to manage and monitor your condition. Do you want to learn more about the specifics of home health services? 

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2. Next-Level, Personalized Care

Meeting people where they are is a part of providing next-level care and attention at Constellation. That’s why our home health care skilled professionals coordinate with your physicians and medical providers to create a personalized care plan that suits your needs. 

In-home health settings, therapists such as physical,  occupational, and speech therapists, come to your home to provide hands-on and individualized care that aids in the ability to succeed in everyday activities. Want to learn more about the benefits of home-based therapy services?

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Constellation has been a leader in implementing virtual technologies, such as remote patient monitoring, to significantly reduce trips to the hospital for our patient populations. With virtual technologies, we have access to critical information including temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, glucose levels, and more. 

Melissa Meyers—a home health registered nurse in New York—works closely with patients in their homes and relies on remote patient monitoring to increase oversight. 

“Our approach at Constellation makes the patient’s quality of life better because we can keep a close eye on things, diagnose problems as they come up, and rectify the situation in a timely manner,” she says.

Want to learn more about our process? Remote patient monitoring kept a home health patient—diagnosed with spinal stenosis—at home and out of the hospital. 

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3. Value. Trusted. Heard.  

Transitioning to home health is well worth the effort, though it can be challenging without support. The Constellation home health team works tirelessly to make the process seamless for you and your family. Ensuring your safety and comfort is our top priority. Our care teams are available to support you and your family’s needs regardless of the issues you face. It is our job to acknowledge, listen, and be attentive to meeting your goals. 

Lauren Gorman—a licensed practical nurse (LPN) for the home health intake team in New York—has seen firsthand the value of strong connections and listening to patients.

“Tell me your story and let me be that person for you,” she says. “There are so many people out there who don’t have family or a support system—we can be there for them socially and clinically. A big portion of what we do is spending time with our patients and letting them be heard.” 

If family support is not readily available, and when skilled care is necessary, your home health care team is your guide and able to answer your questions. 

We are honored to support you throughout your journey in our care. 

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Constellation is a family-owned, family-centered organization serving the Northeast. We have remained true to our commitment to providing the best patient experience and the highest quality outcomes. We believe this is accomplished by ensuring that everyone we connect with feels valued, trusted, and heard. Learn more about our approach to home health care and contact us today.

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