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In light of COVID-19, staying safely home to minimize exposure to infection has never been more important. As a company that prides ourselves on innovative solutions for health services, Constellation is proud to announce the launch of a new COVID Care Program that provides qualified and compassionate professionals, innovative technology solutions, and a range of support services to wherever you, your loved ones, or your patients call home.

COVID Care Program

Personalized, In-Home Team

Through this innovative program, we provide home care and hospice services from the safest place possible—home. Our trained home health and hospice teams include a variety of trained professionals who are qualified to provide in-home care and support according to CDC and state guidelines during this time of crisis. All our staff follow strict infection control requirements to minimize exposure and provide quality, dependable care.

Tools and Technology

With the right technology and support services, our in-home teams are equipped with powerful tools to connect patients to the outside world. It’s a complete solution for stay-at-home care.

Virtual Visits

Video conferencing and telehealth capabilities connect patients to care, as well as family and friends, while minimizing risk of exposure. We assess each individual’s access to technology, and ability to interact with it, and provide training or in-person support. The applications for this technology are broad and customized for each patient.

  • Supplement in-home visits from home health providers
  • Access advanced care including nurse practitioners overseen by physicians for home health via video conferencing
  • Connect with family and friends
  • Virtual funeral services offer loved ones an opportunity to support and connect with each other during difficult times.
  • Celebrations and key life moments with family and friends are still possible with remote capabilities
Remote Patient Monitoring

Wireless technology utilizes wearable devices that provide our in-home teams with 24/7 access to vital health information, and alerts to changes in health conditions. Rather than patients needing to seek care outside the home when something changes, we can send care to them and connect them through virtual visits when possible to health providers. It offers a proactive approach to patient care that can save lives and minimize risk of exposure.

  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen levels
  • Glucose levels
Diagnostic Services

When patients need x-rays or lab work performed, we are able to arrange safe, in-home diagnostic services. This is another touchpoint in health care that allows us to keep patients safely home while accessing the important health services they need.

Delivery Services

A trip outside the home isn’t possible or safe for many individuals who are already vulnerable to infection, or physically unable to travel outside their homes. Our complete care solution brings supplies directly to the doorstep.

  • Pharmacy
  • Medical supplies
  • Groceries

Our COVID Care Program places patient care and safety first. This program is a reflection of our commitment to treating people like they’re family, especially during this challenging time. While we are all facing new realities, Constellation is proud to continue innovating solutions and programs that connect our patients and their families to excellent care and support in their home environment.

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