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Constellation home health aide visits with patient at home

Quality home health care from the comfort of your home.

We provide best-in-class, quality care to patients from the comfort of home which leads to better patient experiences and reduced hospitalizations. Services include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Speech, physical, and occupational therapists
  • Medical social workers
  • Home health aides
  • Remote patient monitoring & communications
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A Complete
Care Solution

In order to provide a complete stay-at-home health solution, our home health professionals employ a suite of tools and services to connect you or your loved one to quality care and the outside world. This approach is more important than ever in light of COVID-19.

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Technology and
Support Services

Connecting with our patients is as important as connecting them to the outside world as safely as possible. This is why we offer a suite of technology and support services that deliver complete care at home and reduce hospitalizations.

  • Virtual visits offer supplemental appointments and support, and connect individuals to family members and loved ones
  • Remote patient monitoring for blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc.
  • Diagnostic services including lab work and in-home COVID-19 testing
  • Delivery services including pharmacy, medical supplies/equipment, and groceries

Skilled In-Home Team

Our trained professionals include nurse practitioners who are overseen by physicians and accessed through virtual visits. Through our broad network of experienced providers, we are able to facilitate comprehensive care. Our team adheres to strict CDC guidelines for infection control and care delivery.

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Specialized Home Health Care Programs

To support our integrative approach to home health, we have developed a number of evidence-based programs to best serve our patients and their families.

Cardiac Recovery

Patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) receive the care, education, and support needed to safely transition from a health care setting to their own home.

Respiratory Care
(COPD / Pneumonia / Asthma)

Those suffering from pulmonary disorders benefit greatly from proactively treating and managing symptoms with improved education, care, and training.

Total Joint Replacement

This program helps patients regain mobility and confidence with personalized therapy and exercise programs designed to rebuild strength, range of motion, and endurance.

Step Right Falls Prevention

Designed to combat the leading cause of injury for adults 65+, this program provides education, strength training, and balance retraining to reduce the likelihood of injury and hospitalizations.


Top Quality Care for 15+ Years

5 Star Quality Rating in NY for Home Care
4.5 Star Quality Rating in CT for Home Care

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