Constellation In-Home ABA Therapy Expands to the Greater Houston Area
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Constellation In-Home ABA Therapy Expands to the Greater Houston Area

Houston, TEXAS—Constellation Health Services is now offering In-Home ABA therapy services in the Greater Houston Area.

Constellation in-home ABA services will initially be available in Harris, Ft. Bend, and Montgomery counties. Location service offerings will expand in the near future. With this expansion, the Connecticut-based provider will become a leader of in-home ABA therapy in the area. 

In-home ABA services will be available to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities from 18 months to young adulthood. Constellation embraces the philosophy that providing ABA therapy at home offers individuals a safe place to learn and flourish where they are most comfortable. Constellation’s home-based model delivers flexible services to meet the needs of clients and their families.  This approach recognizes the importance of supporting the entire family with tools and training to ensure parents know how to implement interventions in the absence of the therapist. Through this model, the whole family can realize how to “connect with potential.”

Dr. Lauren Lanier, BCBA-D, Director of ABA Services, is a native Houstonian who understands the need for high quality in-home ABA therapy in the greater Houston area. She emphasized the immense benefits of home-based ABA and pointed out that this service delivery model provides an opportunity to provide life-changing services in the individual’s most familiar environment, their home.

“Over the span of my career, I have worked exclusively in home-based ABA therapy because I have seen how impactful these services are for clients and their families when provided in the home setting. Our clients are taught critical skills in the same environments where they will need them to live a more independent and active life. Because we are in the home setting, we also have the unique opportunity to involve parents, siblings, and other caregivers in the environment to further increase opportunities for the client to learn and participate in daily routines. We are thrilled to bring our expertise to Houston to help individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities gain the many benefits of in-home ABA therapy.”

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based treatment approach for autism and other developmental disabilities. It focuses on developing individual strengths and critical life skills that help those diagnosed reach their full potential. Constellation uses customized home-based programming to improve development and focus on expanding cognitive, language, and adaptive skills. 

For more information on Constellation ABA services, please visit or call 800-860-6656 to speak with a therapy expert. 

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