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What Makes Constellation a Great Place to Work?

Constellation has been guided by a fundamental principle since day one—treating everyone like family. We pride ourselves on patient-centered care that places the needs of others first. We listen, we value, and trust others—our patients, each other, and the communities we serve. 

It’s one of the reasons we have been certified a “Great Place to Work” every year since 2018. We are proud to be certified by Great Places To Work and aim to treat our employees like family. 92% of employees at Constellation Health Services say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Each employee that makes up Constellation—from our volunteer caregivers to the most senior staff—helps and supports each other, which allows us to deliver to our patients exceptional care that goes the extra mile in helping them live a better, more comfortable life.

“Constellation is successful because we are a family. My coworkers are my family. They’re not just a team. We work with each other. If one of us can’t make it to a patient, there’s always someone there who will change their schedule around to cover for us. We all make the patient a priority.”—Elizabeth O’Brien, RN, Hospice RN Case Manager in Massachusetts 

When we talk about treating each other like family, it extends into our personal lives. When someone needs help, we’re all ready to step up and help however we can. 

Our clinical supervisor, Marie Desil, RN in New York describes a time when one of her team members was out of town with a family emergency, and her team came together to make sure our patients were cared for: 

“About two months ago, one of our therapists had a family emergency, and she had to go out of town for two weeks. Everyone on my team came together and took on a couple of extra patients at a time, so no one was left out while she was gone. The team went above and beyond, we make sure we have each other’s back.”—Marie Desil, RN, Home Care Clinical Supervisor in New York

We’re no strangers to the realities of life, and because of the work we do, the families we work with, and the lives we impact, we know firsthand the importance of creating connections that help people thrive. It’s why we believe in an environment where we all feel supported. 

“I had a loved one who was very sick and the entire team, between our CEO Isaac, the VPs, administrators, and clinicians, supported me through a difficult time in my life. We have done the same for other clinicians that may have needed to work part-time and we all step up to the plate, not just for each other, but for everybody in the community too.”—Linda O’Rourke, RN, Director of Admissions Integrity in New York. 

Our incredible care teams create bonds that go beyond their daily work. A Hospice nurse recently joined Constellation and described what it was like getting started with our Philadelphia Hospice team.

“From day one, Barb [Hospice Resource Director, Northern Region] said, if you have trouble with anything or if you’re unsure, just call me. She is there 24/7 if I have a question, if something goes wrong, or if something goes right and I just want to tell her about it. She’s really supportive.”

For 15 years, we have remained dedicated to delivering quality care that helps people age in place. We understand that delivering that care requires a team of compassionate, skilled people working together in a supportive environment, so we all have everything we need to give our best and help our communities. 

If you’re interested in making a difference and joining our family, take a moment to explore our openings and learn more about Constellation.

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