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Personalized Hospice Care

A Complete Care Solution for Hospice

There are 1.55 million Medicare beneficiaries in hospice care in the United States. Of those, the principal diagnosis deemed the most contributory to the terminal illness include a shortlist of conditions. Data shows that cancer continues to lead as the No. 1 diagnosis for individuals on hospice care, followed by heart conditions, dementia, respiratory, and a smaller percentage of “other.” 

At Constellation, we understand each hospice patient has unique needs that must be met with personalized hospice care services. We look at the individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing as a whole to design a Complete Care Solution for a variety of conditions. Through this holistic approach, we provide more meaningful care that positively impacts the lives of those facing life-limiting diseases.   

Our hospice specialty care includes, but is not limited to, treating the following conditions:

  • Cancer 
  • Cardiac 
  • Memory 
  • Respiratory

Peace of Mind through Personalized Hospice Care

Constellation combines the following expertise to match each individual’s unique situation. Through our Complete Care Solution to treating those in our care, we are able to help make every minute matter when life is limited.

Expert Pain & Symptom Control

We provide options that allow individuals to feel comfortable, free of pain, and able to enjoy life as much as possible. 

Coordinated Care & Strong Communication

We deliver coordinated care between patient, clinician, and family to make every minute matter.

Caregiver Education & Support

We relieve families’ concerns by educating them on how best to care for their loved one

Guidance & Preparation for Advanced Care Planning

We help patients learn, consider, and communicate decisions that might need to be made as they shift their focus to quality of life.

Spiritual & Emotional Wellness

We are expertly trained to provide layers of support beyond physical care that include access to social workers, chaplains, and bereavement services. 

Integrative Services 

We practice soothing through the senses by using a holistic approach to provide our patients experiences that bring comfort, joy, and wholeness.

Veterans Recognition

We provide recognition through in-person and digital technology for every service person and their family members, that celebrates their sacrifice to our country.  

Aligning Community Outreach & Services

We connect individuals to community support services, including medication and grocery delivery. 

Regular, scheduled visits with our care team

Our care team includes a hospice medical director, nurses, hospice aides, medical social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. Every member of our care team adds an additional layer of knowledge and expertise to customize care and provide greater support for the patient and family. 

24-hour Telephone Support

We are available around the clock to provide peace of mind for individuals on hospice, their loved ones, and caregivers.


Constellation is a family-owned, family-centered organization that has remained true to our commitment to providing the best patient experience and the highest quality outcomes. We believe this is accomplished by ensuring that everyone we connect with feels valued, trusted, and heard.  Learn more about our hospice services.

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