Hospice Case Study: Cardiac Disease
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Hospice Case Study: Cardiac Disease

Complete Care: A Comprehensive Home Health Solution


Service: Hospice Care
Diagnosis: End-Stage Cardiac Disease


A veteran patient in their mid-90s joined Constellation’s hospice care upon disease progression. The patient’s primary diagnosis was an end-stage cardiac disease with a history of prostate cancer, diabetes, and skin tearing. Constellation established a personalized care plan that considered the whole patient—physical, emotional, and spiritual—to enhance the quality of life.

Complete Care Approach

Upon admission, Constellation’s nurses visited 2-3 times a week. The patient’s health continued to decline, which warranted additional clinical services for pain management and respiratory care. Constellation engaged a chaplain and medical social worker (MSW)—experts in having difficult conversations—to help the patient work through conflicted emotions surrounding family, religion, and death. Additionally, Constellation matched a veteran volunteer to the patient who had a shared love of military history. They connected in a meaningful way through conversations, playing games, and laughing together. The volunteer also made phone calls to help the patient connect with old friends. The patient voiced appreciation for the hospice team’s compassion through listening and gentle touch.

Veteran Recognition: The patient was presented with a token of recognition for military service.

Advanced Care Team: Interdisciplinary team ensured complete oversight of care.

Key Outcomes

• Symptoms diagnosed and managed immediately.
• Provided judgment-free space for the patient to ask questions and express freely.
• Enhanced quality of life by treating the whole patient (physical, emotional, spiritual).

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