Home Health Case Study: Septic Pneumonia
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Home Health Case Study: Septic Pneumonia

Complete Care: A Comprehensive Home Health Solution


Service: Home Health
Diagnosis: Septic Pneumonia


The wife of a 72-year-old male called Constellation to request hospice services on behalf of her husband. The patient wanted to discontinue curative treatment and remain home through end-of-life. He was admitted with a primary diagnosis of septic pneumonia in addition to chronic sleep deprivation, increased respiratory distress, and regional pain syndrome.

Compete Care Approach

Based on information from the wife, it wasn’t clear if the patient would qualify for hospice. Determined to understand the reason for the request, a Constellation nurse made a house call and discovered the patient had septic pneumonia and refused hospital admission. The primary care physician (PCP) and nurse practitioner (NP) worked together to prioritize the patient’s wishes and establish hospice care quickly. From there, the care team addressed comfort, pain, and symptom management. An oxygen tank and comfort kit were sent to the patient’s home that evening. The following day, a medical social worker (MSW), NP, aide, and weekend nurse provided the patient compassionate care and support. Three days after establishing hospice care, the patient passed away at home, with his wife by his side. The PCP praised the NP and thanked all parties for responsive, quality care.

Advanced Care Team: The Nurse Practitioner educated the patient on the next steps after the patient refused hospital care.

Remote Patient Monitoring: The Nurse Practitioner connected with the patient through FaceTime

Key Outcomes

• Symptoms diagnosed and managed immediately.

• Enhanced quality of life by treating the whole patient (physical,
emotional, spiritual)

• Patient remained in the comfort of home through end-of-life.

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