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Eleanor’s Garden Joins the Constellation Family

Constellation Health Services is pleased to announce the acquisition of Eleanor’s Garden in Philadelphia, PA. Eleanor’s Garden began operations in 2015 and has been an essential hospice care agency in that region. The addition of this agency will expand Constellation’s hospice services into the eastern region of Philadelphia, serving an additional 78 towns. 

Barbara Rossi, Administrator at Eleanor’s Garden, explained the acquisition as ‘2 fold’. “The impact we have already seen is greater than expected. Constellation has not only openly supported our core values and mission, but within this last year, we have been able to grow, expand, and energize in ways that previously we could only talk about.”

The purpose for the acquisition is to bring additional resources and support to the Eleanor’s Garden offices and expand Constellation’s services into Pennsylvania. Barbara expressed that they also found common goals with Constellation in regard to respect for innovation and a shared commitment to quality patient experiences. Both companies view this as an opportunity to become stronger in an ever-changing healthcare environment while maintaining their core culture and values. 

Rossi continued, “Healthcare today is changing in ways truly never seen before. As a small provider, I wanted to ensure the mission, values, and stewardship that served as the foundation of Eleanor’s Garden would continue to thrive as we grow.”

We welcome Eleanor’s Garden into the Constellation family and look forward to serving the Philadelphia community.

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