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Case Study: Hospice Patient with COVID Recovers With Complete In-Home Care


Service: Hospice 
Diagnosis: Lung Cancer & COVID-19


The patient is 74 years old with a life-limiting illness of lung cancer and is O2 dependent. The hospice team was notified when the patient began experiencing fatigue, weakness, and nausea. The RN arrived in the home to complete the assessment with the following findings: increased fever, vomiting, confusion, shortness of breath, and unable to stand without assistance. 

Complete Care Approach

The RN made an in-person visit to check for symptoms of the coronavirus, notified the medical provider, and set up a virtual visit from the patient’s home. The social worker contacted the Power of Attorney (POA) and established a private pay agency for around-the-clock support. As the agency couldn’t start for 24 hours, Constellation initiated crisis care under Hospice benefit and, in proper PPE, remained with the individual through the night. 

Virtual visits: RN set up a virtual visit with the individual’s medical provider

Xray: Medical provider ordered mobile chest X-ray and labs so patient could remain comfortably at home

Diagnostic testing: A rapid COVID-19 screen was completed and the results were positive

Delivery Service: New medication delivery and food delivery was established to accommodate needed diet

Key Outcomes

  • Symptoms were diagnosed and managed immediately
  • Coordination of multiple services to accommodate patient’s needs
  • Patient remained at home with support
  • Patient resumed independence in a remarkably short time frame
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