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Autism Awareness

There are an estimated 1.5 million children in the U.S. who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For these children and their families, Constellation’s team of caring occupational and physical therapists (OTs/PTs) provide support and therapy, but also meaningful connections.

Whether working with these children in a home or school setting, our incredible staff are always looking for ways to let these amazing kids know how incredible they are. Their dedication, commitment, and compassion are truly remarkable.

Last week was Autism Awareness Day, and while there are so many other things overshadowing the celebration of these children, our Constellation team members wanted to show how much they care for the kids they work with. The new realities of working at a distance from children who we typically work with one-on-one means we needed to find creative ways to connect. Our school-based therapy (SBT) team was able to orchestrate a united effort to express support by wearing autism awareness or blue t-shirts to celebrate, and express their support in the virtual one-on-one sessions they are now conducting, as well as during our first remote learning session which focused on Understanding Sensory and Reflex Integration. 

The children and families we work with rely on our experience and support, especially during these difficult times. We are so grateful for the creative ingenuity our team demonstrates daily. A special thank you to our presenters for making this possible. As always, thank you to our OTs, PTs, and all our ABA and SBT team members for all that you do!

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