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A Timeless Commitment to Care: Celebrating Constellation’s 15th Anniversary

This year, we’re celebrating Constellation’s 15th anniversary by remembering the incredible impact our staff, our patients, and fellow providers have had on the communities we serve. A lot has changed over the last 15 years, but our core focus has remained the same, putting our patients and staff first, just like you’d expect from family. 

Hear from our incredible staff about the things they’ve seen and learned while being part of the Constellation family as we deliver quality home health, hospice, personal caregiving and ABA and school-based therapy services to individuals and their families.

Linda O’Rourke, Director of Admissions Integrity, has been with the Constellation family since 2014. Over these nine years, O’Rourke has seen Constellation grow thanks to our dedication to fostering a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone.

“We have that human touch, that cohesiveness, and I’m certain that will continue on for the next 15 years as we serve more communities up and down the East coast and throughout the United States,” she says. “This is an unbelievable company and it can only get better.” 

After opening our doors in 2008, Constellation has gradually expanded, bringing our dedication to delivering quality care to seven states and thousands of individuals and their families. During that time, we have faced challenges like natural disasters and global pandemics that have only cemented the importance of our commitment.

Lauren Ceisler, Director of Clinical Services for Home Care in Connecticut, has seen firsthand the support and care that Constellation employees provide not only to their patients but to their colleagues as well. 

“There have been moments of tremendous support for each other throughout the years,” she says. “If there is an event that happens, whether it’s a tornado or a hurricane, we all pull together to make sure our patients are safe, and our clinicians are safe. It really shows the support we have for each other as family members and a team.”

One winter, when heavy storms made roads treacherous for our nurses, one of Constellation’s leaders offered up their truck to make sure our patients could be checked up on. Michael Densmore, a Registered Nurse who has been with Constellation for 11 years, recalls that day. 

“He offered to take everybody around in his truck. We didn’t have four-wheel drive, we all had small cars, but they wanted to make sure that the patients were being cared for, so he brought his truck around to take all of us to check in and care for our patients.”

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic posed new challenges for healthcare companies across the nation. At Constellation, we immediately implemented safety protocols that allowed our staff to safely interact with our patients—some of the most at-risk individuals. Alongside these safety measures, we enhanced our technology and implemented remote patient monitoring and telehealth to keep our care teams connected with their patients. 

Beyond every new tool we brought in to help combat the pandemic, it was the spirit and care of our teams that helped each person at Constellation and their patients during that time. 

“We had support to the point of daily calls that went beyond what our workload was. We had support from the highest levels, truly everybody. They’d call and ask ‘how’s Philadelphia doing? How are you doing? How is your family doing?’ It made a difference. It gave us admiration for each other and people at the highest level, knowing just how much everyone cared,” said Barb Rossi, Administrator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who joined Constellation in 2014.

Our Guiding Light for Years Ahead

Simultaneously in 2020, we refreshed the Constellation look, emphasizing and showcasing our dedication to innovation and quality care while highlighting our focus on patients. 

The star, a symbol that represents patients as the guiding light, serves as a reminder to continue to provide five-star level care to individuals, their family members, and the community. It is a prominent addition to our identity and a timely and uplifting emblem during a trying time. 

As we look ahead to the next 15 years, we envision a growing Constellation family that will be there to answer the call to care, whenever our patients and our communities need them. Together, we are incredibly proud of the positive impact we have had on so many lives and are excited to continue on with a dedication to quality and care.

“We started Constellation with a vision of providing a very high level of quality care and quality service, and it has been incredible to see it come to life, and see the lives touched by our commitment to bringing a family feeling to home care and understanding what our patients’ goals are,” said Isaac Steg, CEO of Constellation.

“The number of lives that have been touched over the last 15 years is simply incredible. It’s so heartwarming to go and see the effect we have on someone—whether it’s helping people truly understand end-of-life care or home care—it’s humbling and inspiring to be able to help so many people in such a positive way.”

To our patients, their families, and our staff, thank you for being part of the Constellation family.

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