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In-home Assistance: Partners in Care

As expectations have shifted in the face of the coronavirus, daily life for everyone has changed, including those residing in assisted living facilities.

Where residents were once encouraged to engage with their communities and enjoy the amenities and activities, social distancing measures, particularly in assisted living facilities, require strict limitations on movement. These limitations are challenging for anyone, and are only compounded for individuals with other existing health conditions. 

For health providers during this time, it has become necessary to work together to develop creative solutions for delivering safe, quality in-home assistance. For one assisted living facility in the northeast, this meant reaching out to Constellation to collaborate on finding a solution for Mary*, a patient who was having particular difficulty with the restrictive limitations on moving freely. Constellation had worked with this company previously and was able to provide a prompt alternative for Mary that allowed her to safely relocate back to her home in less than 24 hours. Our personal care team was able to very quickly match Mary with a team member based on experience and personality who was able and willing to provide full-time, in-home assistance services on short notice so that Mary could safely relocate to the comfort and familiarity of her own home. 

Our personal care aides are trained to provide a range of services from running errands and providing assistance with bathing and hygiene, to providing full-time, living assistance and support. These services come as a welcome relief for family members who want the best care for their loved ones in what are typically very stressful circumstances. Mary’s daughter described her experience with Constellation. 

“From the very beginning, Constellation was super supportive and understanding and gave me a lot of time. They found me a full-time personal caregiver, who is so helpful and kind to my mom. She’s really responsive to us, myself, and my brothers and sisters. When we call, she always lets us know what’s going on. Everything has been very professional. Questions I had were answered very quickly; it was really excellent service.” 

We understand that finding the right care for a parent or loved one is a challenging decision under normal circumstances, let alone in the middle of a national crisis. Constellation’s personal care team is composed of individuals who take this responsibility to heart, and are committed to providing compassionate, in-home assistance to those in our care. In addition to providing peace of mind to patients and their loved ones, we are able to provide that same peace of mind to our health care partners in the community. Kevin, the regional manager at the assisted living facility, expressed his appreciation to our personal care team. “Your team worked diligently and were able to find a live-in to stay with her at her apartment. I don’t know how they did it but they pulled it off and it calmed the building down. We don’t often say ‘thank you’ enough so please thank your team for me.”

With the flexibility to respond quickly, the right expertise and training, and access to a broad range of home health services and capabilities, our Constellation team is here to continue supporting providers. We are so grateful for our incredible team of healthcare heroes who are making a difference every day. A special thank you to our personal care team, and please stay safe! 

* Patient’s name has been changed to protect privacy.

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