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We partner with private and public schools, school districts, and early childhood development programs to provide evidence-based behavior, occupational, and physical therapy solutions and management consulting services. We support educational efforts and improve outcomes for students and their families. Our trained professionals collaborate with your district and educators to develop specialized treatment plans and programs that fit within your approach and educational models.


School-Based Programs

We offer a number of services and programs designed to support schools in helping children reach their full potential:

Occupational and Physical Therapy
4.9 out of 5 Quality Customer Service Rating (CSBT Satisfaction Survey)

Our skilled occupational and physical therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based interventions to address the strengths and needs of the students in the educational environment. Our therapists collaborate with educational teams and families to help facilitate the best outcomes possible for students.

ABA Therapy
4.6 out of 5 Quality Rating (CSBT Satisfaction Survey)

Our program is designed to customize appropriate interventions and treatment plans for every child. Trained applied behavior analysts (ABAs) and registered behavior therapists (RBTs) are supervised by board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and provide compassionate and knowledgeable care. ABA services are typically available in schools through individual education programs (IEPs), or are often reimbursable through Medicaid.

What Makes Us Different

Evidence-Based Approach

We implement a broad range of proven therapies that improve communication, behavior, motor skills, sensory processing skills, and educational outcomes.

Individualized Approach

A student-centric approach that results in the best student experience and high-quality student outcomes.

Program Assessments

We examine existing programs and make recommendations for improvement, including operational and staffing opportunities.

Case / Workload Management

We handle the administrative scheduling and program management required to successfully treat and track students.

Professional Development / Training

Successful outcomes are most likely when therapists are able to collaborate with and train educators and school administrators.

Customized District Oversight

We implement oversight and management plans customized to the unique operational and administrative practices of each district.

Analysis and Reporting

Our tools provide insight into critical data, including budget analysis, cost control reports, and program performance.

Proven Experience

We have been providing SBT services for over 20 years, with a reputable track record as a trusted partner.

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