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On The Frontline

Constellation Health Services has over 750 health professionals serving patients across the northeast.

These brave men and women, along with the hundreds of thousands of other healthcare workers across the country are the faces of the battlefront against novel coronavirus (COVID-19). They represent mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, students, artists, dog lovers, plant people, runners, gardeners, skiers, and friends. Most importantly, at this time, they represent the caregivers who are sacrificing so many of the other things in their lives, to serve others in need.  

While most of them likely never anticipated the challenges before them, they have risen to the occasion and exceeded every expectation. Our Constellation team, these incredible individuals who continue to serve those most vulnerable to this virus in their homes, where even their closest family and friends are often no longer able to provide care or support, are still there, holding hands, and providing needed medical services.

It’s not about being heroes. It’s about being human, and each and every one of our Constellation team members, as well as all of those providing them with support either at work or at home, are showing that being human is what will get us through this–together. Gratitude isn’t enough. Do your part. Stay safe. Keep others safe by keeping your distance, and we will get through this, more human than ever.

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