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Case Study: Hospice Patient with COVID Recovers With Complete In-Home Care

Profile Service: Hospice Diagnosis: Lung Cancer & COVID-19 Description: The patient is 74 years old with a life-limiting illness of lung cancer and is O2 dependent. The hospice team was notified when the patient began…
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4 Ways Constellation Leverages Telehealth to Reduce Hospitalization

Constellation’s home health telehealth provides an advanced level of care due to direct access to nurse practitioners, resulting in reduced hospitalizations, lower costs to providers, and better patient outcomes.  Telehealth became wildly popular during the…
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2020 Reflection: How the Pandemic Made Home Health Care Stronger

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the hand of the healthcare industry. The “new normal” challenged and demanded. Through the chaos, the industry responded by making tremendous strides to provide care for people in a…
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Case Study: Home Health Patient Transitions to Hospice Care

A Comprehensive Approach to Care Profile Service: Home Health & HospiceDiagnosis: Stage III Buttocks Wound An individual was admitted to Constellation’s Home Health service for treatment of a stage III buttocks wound and pain management.…
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3 Ways Home Health Care is Solving COVID-19 Challenges

COVID-19 has been a wild wave of destruction forcing individuals, businesses, and industries to evolve. The healthcare industry is at this epicenter and faces an especially tumultuous recovery. According to the American Hospital Association: “Hospitals…
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Critical Components for Achieving Quality Health Care

At Constellation Health Services we’re committed to valuing, understanding, and earning the trust of every patient and family we serve. These values don’t just look good on paper, they drive the way we treat one…
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