Palliative Care serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties in CT

HeadersNEW_palliativePalliative Care is a specialized form of health care used to support the needs of people facing progressive illness. This unique medical approach focuses on managing the patient’s symptoms and enhancing their quality of life. Constellation’s Palliative Care Program is designed to provide symptom management while treating the whole person, and allowing patients the choice of receiving the highest quality of care in their home.

Dedicated Palliative Care Team

  • Hospice trained nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Home Health Aides
  • Social Workers
  • Volunteers

Services and Goals of Care

  • Improving ability to continue participating in day to day activities
  • Achieving the best possible quality of life
  • Managing pain and symptom control
  • Offering a support system to help patients, families and/or caregivers cope
  • Helping with identification of treatment options and care goals
  • Guiding the patient through the health care system
  • Assisting with advance care planning, financial issues related to illness and care giving responsibilities, and insurance and financial paperwork

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