Home Care serving Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford Counties in Connecticut and Manhattan, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties in New York as well as Massachusetts and New Hampshire

HeadersNEW_HomeCareGetting Closer to the Life You Love We bring care right to the home – the heart of healing.  If you or someone you love is recovering from an illness or injury, you may qualify for Home Health Care services covered by Medicare or your private Insurance Plan. Our team of experts can assess and treat you at home under the direction of a physician. Constellation team members work closely with the physician, patient and family members in planning and reviewing progress to make adjustments in the plan of care. We can facilitate your transition from the Hospital and Skilled Nursing and Rehab facility to home or initiate services from your home setting if your Physician requests an assessment.  Together, we’ll work to get closer to the life you love.  The journey back to more independence takes many routes. Our approach to getting you closer to the life you love starts with putting together a constellation of services designed for your immediate and long-term needs, including:

• Skilled Nursing
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Medical Social Work
• Home Health Aide


skilled001More than highly skilled professionals, our nurses are your partners in the quest for greater independence and a more fulfilling life. Our goal is to ensure your physician-directed treatment plan is delivered with compassion, dignity and a very personal touch. Some of our skilled nursing services include:

• Medication Management
• Disease Education for patient and caregivers
• Catheter Insertion and Changes
• Monitoring Vital Signs
• Breathing Treatment
• Post-op Care
• Wound Care


We know that mobility is among the key elements of a rewarding and enjoyable life. Our physical therapists possess the knowledge and experience to work one-on-one with you to restore the freedom of movement needed for important everyday activities, including hobbies and other personal pursuits. Our physical therapy services include:

• Pain Management Education
• Balance Training to help achieve maximum independence and safety in your home
• Strength and Mobility Enhancement
• Development of In home exercise program
• Falls prevention education for patient and caregiver
• Helping you and your caregiver choose and learn to use needed equipment such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair


Constellation’s occupational therapists work with you to improve the abilities needed to perform self-care tasks such as grooming, bathing, dressing and other day-to-day activities associated with living safely and independently at home. Occupational therapy focuses on enabling people to participate in meaningful and purposeful activities of daily life – ‘living life to the fullest’. Our occupational therapy services include:

• Comprehensive assessment of all self- care, activities of daily living and mobility
• Anxiety Management Techniques
• Behavioral Mentoring
• Home Modification Assessment (Safety and Security at Home, Reducing Home Hazards, Fall Prevention)
• Help patient and caregiver choose and learn to use equipment you may need such as bathroom safety devices, dressing aides and feeding aides.


Understanding the important role effective communication plays in a rewarding lifestyle, our speech and language pathologists partner with you to create effective strategies to improve verbal skills impaired by illness or injury. Our speech therapy services include:

• Training in talking, listening, writing and reading skills.
• Assistance in regaining communication and memory skills if you have difficulty talking, understanding, reading, writing or thinking after illness or injury.
• Communication Skills Evaluation
• Cognitive Skills Assessment
• Sensory Skills Evaluation
• Speech Delays Improvement
• Articulation Exercises
• Dysphagia Treatment
• Aural Rehabilitation
• Swallowing Exercises to teach safe swallowing techniques, diet recommendations if you frequently choke when eating or drinking fluids.


Our services include a careful assessment of your physical and emotional condition, followed with a plan of care. We provide a combination of supportive counseling and referrals to community resources to help you cope with illness or injury. Our medical social work services include:

• Counseling Sessions to help manage stress and/or coping skills
• Providing resources on long term care options
• Assistance in assessing community resources and financial assistance programs
• Psychosocial Analysis
• Support Group suggestions to help the patient and caregiver meet care and social needs
• Bereavement Counseling
• Health Services Acquirement


Our caring and capable home health aides are ready to assist you, and help lessen the burden of everyday activities, including: bathing, dressing and making meals. With supportive care from our experienced home health aides, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on rehabilitation and improving your overall well being.

Getting home care for your loved ones in the Norwalk, CT or Orange, CT areas is a great choice Rest assured that your family member is getting the care they need when you are unable to provide for them. Services include:

• Following the plan for personal care developed by the nurse or therapist while you are under their care
• Short-term personal care (bathing, dressing, shampooing, brushing your teeth, toileting) while you are learning to be independent
• Medication reminders
• Mobility assistance